Route Guide..

This page is a guide to the route I took on this trip.
Each days entry is linked to the day number below.
More photos are shown in the later posts here, photos relating to earlier entries will be added when I have the time....

Distances and times were measured using a Sigma trip odometer,
time riding = the amount of time the bike was physically moving.

Day 1 Friskney to Rutland Water.
Friskney, Sibsey, Frithville, Hubberts Bridge, A52, A17, A16, Spalding, Stamford, A606 Oakham, Rutland Water
Miles = 83.33 / time riding = 6h 39m

Day 2 Rutland Water to Southam.
Rutland Water,back roads no signs, A6003?
B664 to Market Harborough,Clipstone, Naseby, across A14 Coventry/Kettering, West Haddon, Daventry, A425 Southam, A423 south, Southam.
Miles = 68.5 / time cycling = 6h 27min

Day 3 Southam to Cross Hands Inn.
A423 Southam to Banbury, B4035, Chipping Norton, A44 junction with the A436,The Cross Hands Inn.
miles = 34.30 / riding time = 3h 29min

Day 4 Cross Hands Inn to Devises.
A429, Yanworth, Cirencester, Malmesbury, A429, Chippenham, A342 to Devises, camping 2 miles north of town on the A361.
miles = 69.34 / time riding = 5h 39m

Day 5 Devises to Wimbourne Minster.
Devises, A360, Salisbury plain, Stonehenge, A303, Martin, Damerham, Cranbourne, B3078 to Wimbourne Minster.Wilksworth Campsite, just north of Wimbourne Minster B3078.
59.71 miles, riding time 5 hours 16 mins

Day 6 Wimbourne to Weymouth.
Miles= 48 (ish) I forgot to check, riding time 3.5hours

Day 7 Weymouth to Guernsey to Dinan. Webcam showing St Peter Port, Guernsey
Weymouth to St Malo 9 hour boat trip, the main road out of St Malo is over the hydropower dam, just after that is junction with the D266, just after that, when the sharpish left hand bend starts to open out, turn left onto a disused railway track cum cycle path.
17 miles to St Samson/Dinan.

Into France........

Day 8 Dinan.

Day 9 Dinan to Trudeau, Foret de Paimpont.
South from Dinan D2 to St James, Evran(?) D2 to D68 (same road) to Becherel, St Pern (D220?) to D71 Landujan, past La Chez, past Montreuil, cross N12 to D61, Boisgervilly, Iffendic, St Peran (all D61) turn right to D40, Coganne, Chene Mellet, Trendeal, Trudeau, campsite in the Foret de Paimpont.
47.43 miles in 3 hours 58 mins riding time

Day 10 Trudeau to Nozay.
Trudeau to Tredeal to Plelan Le Grand, D38 Maxent, D65 Campel, cross D776 to D65 Maure L Bretagne, D65 Lieuron, D65 Pipnac, D59 La Guennais, cross D177 to D59 Balac, Besle, to D15 Bas Meaudac, D15 to Guemene Penfao, town centre to D775 to D124 Juzet, Conquereuil, Le Briel, Marsac Sur Don, D124 Nozay.
Miles 52.62 Time riding 4h 12m

Day 11 Nozay to Rablay sur Layon.
Bonnoeuvre, D57 Cande, D6 (Loire) Ingrades, Beaulieau, St Laurent D17 to St Lambert, Rablay sur Layon
Miles 73 time riding - 6h 11mins

Day 12 Rablay sur Layon to Bron.
St Mathuin sur Loire, Parnay, St Maur, Saumur, Breze, Saumoussay, campsite between Bron and Montrieul de Bellay.
miles 66.3

Day 13 Bron to Chatellerault.
Montreiul, N147 Loudun, Chatellerault.
56.1 miles 4h 40mins

Day 14 Chatellerault to Le Pont Chretier Chabenet.
D950 to Tournon St Martin, D725 near St Sauveur, Le Blanc , St Gaultier, Le Pont Chretien Chabenet. Followed the Creuse river most of the day.

Day 15 Le Pont Chretien Chabenet to Razes.
Route today - into St Martin, find the N2020 and follow it.
Only problem being, its called the N920 when you get there.
Its also called the D220, the D1 and the N20.
53.18 miles in 5h 20mins riding time

Day 16 Razes to St Yrieix la Perche.
D220 to Limoges, D20 South West of town to Aix sur Vienne, D20 to St Martin, D17 to Nexon, to D15, D704 to just north of St. Yrieix-la-Perche.
50.48 miles in 4 hours 48 mins.

Day 17 St Yrieix le Perche to Montignac (Lascaux)
D650, D67, Cherveuix Cubas D704 across the N89, D706 to Montignac "Rue de Juillet".
44.2 miles Riding time 4 hours 36 mins

Day 20 Siurac en Perigord to Soturac.
Siurac en Perigord D710 to Mazeyrolles D660 to D710 again to Fumel, site just out of town in Soturac near Condat.
36.91 miles 3h 1 mins riding time

Day 21 Soturac to Astaffort.
Fumel to Villeneuve sur Lot, N21 to Agen, N21 to Astaffort.

Day 22 Astaffort to Masseube.
N21 south to Lectoure, N21 to Auch, N21 to Tarbes, Missed the turn for D929, Lasseran, Auterive, Seissan, Masseube.
62.1 miles 4h 59 mins riding time.

Day 23 Masseube to Bagneres de Bigorre (Lourdes). 3 Webcams from a Pyrennean weather station
2 Webcams of the Grotto complex at Lourdes
Masseube to Bagneres de Bigorre D929, Lannamazan, cross the motorway to D938, Capvern, Molere, Mauvezin, Bagneres, camp at Pouzac.
46.01 miles 4 hours 23 mins riding time.

Day 24 Bagneres de Bigorre to Capvern.
D938 17 miles

Day 25 Capvern to Mane.
D938 to Barthe de Neste to Montrieau, D117 to Mane. Inc St Gaudens, Beauchalot to Montsaures on backroads D69. Garonne river
41.97 miles 3h 6mins riding time.

Day 26 Mane to Foix.
Mane to Foix, D117, easy! Through Castelnau Durban, Montgaillard, St Girons
48.61 miles 3h 50mins riding time.

Day 27 Foix to Torriels Plage (Mediterranean Coast).
D117 from Montgaillard just south of Foix to the N9 in Perpignan. Through Puivert, Quillon, St Paul de Fenouillet, Perpignan, N9 in Perpignan north to D83 east to D81 south to Torreils Plage
103.89 miles in 7h 59mins riding time.

Day28 Torriels Plage to Ceret. Webcam of the beach at Argeles showing the mountains towards Spain
D81, D617, D81, St Cyprien, D81 Argeles Sur mer, D618 St Geris, Le Boulou, Ceret, Reynes Pont, Reynes, Ceret.Camping on D115 outside Ceret.

First Camino Day Reynes to Elne. Start Camino in Elne, to Lezignan Corbiere.
Can Gillet to Ceret, le Boulou, Elne, St Cyprienne, Canet, St - Marie, St Laurent de la Salanque, Port Leucate, Caves, Sigean, Narbonne, camped at Lezignan-Corbieres.
97.15 miles 7h 44mins riding time.

Camino Day 2 Lezignan Corbieres to Fanjeaux.
N113 to Carcassonne, D119 to Montreal, D119 to Fanjeaux.

Camino Day 3 Fanjeaux to Audinac les Bains.
D119 to Les Pujols, airport, D12 to N120 south, St Jean de Verges, Foix, D117 to La Bastide de Serou, D117 to Castelnau Durban, D117 to St Girons, Audinac Les Bains
64.06 miles

Camino Day 4 Audinac les Bains to St Bertrand de Comminges.
St Lizier, Le Palais de Eueges, St Giron, D117 to Salies du Salat, Montsaunes, D69 and D69J to Beauchalot, N117 to St Gaudens, D8 to St Bertrand de Commimges.
42.11 miles 4h 12min riding time

Camino Day 5 St Bertrand de Comminges to Bagnere de Bigorre.
St Bertrands to N125 to Montrejeau to D938 St Laurent de Neste, road to La Barthe closed, detour through Aneres, Chapelle de Notre Dame de Roume, Cieutat, Bagneres, Pouzac

Camino Day 6 Bagneres to Lourdes to Busy.
Pouzac to D937 Montgaillard, Lourdes, D937 St Pe de Bigorre, L'Estelle Betharram,D35 Asson, Bruges D394 Arudy, D232 Buzy
49.26 miles in 4h 20min riding.

Camono Day 7 Busy to Osse en Aspe.
Oleron St Marie (Join the Via Tolosana) , Sarrance, Osse en Aspe

Camono Day 8 Osse en Aspe to Borce.
Lescun, Borce
Miles today = 18.76 in too many hours.

The Camino into Spain......

Camino Day 9 Borce France, Somport, to Canfranc Spain. (Finally across the Pyrennees)

Camino Day 10 Canfranc to Sigues.
18 miles (all downhill) to Jaca, N240 all the way to Sigues. N240 not an attractive road, but no worries.

Camino Day 11 Sigues to Mendigorria.
Esco, N240 almost all day today, lots of tiny villages just south east of Pamplona, Monreal, Torres, Campanas, Ucar, Santa Maria De Eunate, Puenta La Reina, Mendigorria.
47 miles today, set off 0900 arrived here 1800.

Route guide details are work in progress, to be completed asaic

Camino Days 12,13,14 Mendigorria-Estella-Logrono-Santo Domingo.
N111 to turn right NA134 to Logrono. From Logrono (motorway) A12 to N120 Najera, N120 to Santo Domingo

Camino Day 15 Santo Domingo to San Juan de Ortega.
Santo Domingo N120 Belorado, N120 turn off right (north) to Santovenia to San Juan de Ortega.
35.8 miles

Camino Day 16 San Juan de Ortega to Castro Jeriz.
San Juan to Barios de Colina, to N1 to Burgos. From Burgos N620 to N120 to left turn south to Yudego to Castrillo de Murcia to BU404 (good flat road) to Castro Jeriz
48.19 miles

Camino Day 17 Castro Jeriz to Carion Los Condes.
From Castro Jeriz, BU400/BU403 to Itero, P432 to Boadilla, to Fromista, Boadilla, P980 to Carion los Condes.
36 miles in 3hrs 36 mins

Camino Day 18 Carion los Condes to Mansilla las Mulas.
N120 most of the day today, to just south east of Leon, then turn northwest on the N601
61 miles

Camino Day 19 Mansilla Las Mulas to Astorga.
15 or so km to Leon, on to Astorga.
55 miles. Left at 0830, arrived 1600, 5h 11 min riding time.

Camino Day 20 Astorga to Ponferrada.
No main roads, nice!! Up into the hills - Montes de Leon , climb and climb, maybe 1500 feet (500m) small villages.
37.33 miles in 5h 16 riding time.

Camino Day 21 Ponferrada to Triacastela. Webcam showing the top of OCebriero
NV1 Trabadelo, Cebreiro, Lamas, Triacastela.
60.4 miles including Cebreiro

Camino Day 22 Triacastela to Palas de Rei.

Camino Day 23 Palas de Rei to Santiago de Compostella.

Camino Completed Santiago de Compostella. Webcams showing Santiago Cathedral in close view

Day 1 Santiago to Sanxenxo. Webcam showing the coast at Sanxenxo

Day 2 Sanxenxo, Spain to Caminha, Portugal. Webcams showing Pontevedra and Redondela


Day 3 Caminha to Vila do Conde.

Day 4 Vila do Conde through Porto to Esmoriz.

Day 5 Esmoriz to Mira.

Day 6 Mira to Figuera da Foz.

Day 7 Figuera da Foz to Outao (Setubal) 4 days diary.

Day 8 Setubal to Melides.

Day 9 Melides to Vilanova de Milfontes.

Day 10 Vila Nova de Milfontes to Aljezur.

Day 11 Aljezur to Lagos.

Day 12 Lagos to Olhau.

Day 13 Olhau Portugal, to Bellavista (Huelva) Spain.

To Be Continued....for further details of the route click the last link above, then see the "all blog entries" list on the right, this continues south through Spain, heading for Gibraltar, writing in progress.



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