Dinan to Trudeau (Foret de Paimpont).. 47.4 miles 11/06/04

Friday 11/06/2004
Am losing track of the days and date.
First day riding on my own in France.
I couldn't leave early today, the site office at la Hallerais still had my driving licence and they don't open till 09.00.
She was late...
A huge irate Italian guy crammed into the driving seat of a tiny campervan was losing his cool with the wait. Looked ridiculous.
Said goodbye to my neighbour, he has the site address, Will maybe look it up. Has been all over the place with his motorhome. Good luck with your travels!
Route today -
South from Dinan D2 to St James, Evran(?) D2 to D68 (same road) to Becherel, St Pern (D220?) to D71 Landujan, past La Chez, past Montreuil, cross N12 to D61, Boisgervilly, Iffendic, St Peran (all D61) turn right to D40, Coganne, Chene Mellet, Trendeal, Trudeau, campsite in the Foret de Paimpont.
Got lost on the way to Landujan, I took a detour through some tiny villages, very peaceful, no rush, happy people.
Tackled my frist Bar-Tabac today "40 Galouises sil vous plait monsieur". It took me 3 attempts before he understood what I was saying, but we got there eventually.
All the people in there were watching me fumbling their language and laughed at my loud "MERCI MONSIEUR" when he finally understood. They weren't taking the piss, just amused. It was pleasant, a good vibe.
The guy in the "newsagents" in Landujan was a different matter, I asked him for 2 9volt batteries and showed him an example. He understood and took my money, then dumped the change on the counter and turned away with his nose in the air. The French can say a lot with body language and this guy was a perfect example.
My attempts in the supermarket were OK, she asked me for my membership/discount/points card (I think) at the till, but all she got was a short silence and a "pardon madame"
"ahh English?"
"Dix euro quattre vingt dix" points to the readout
"Ahh D'accord, merci"
No reply from her, no eye contact, no smile, no goodbye, but I got my dinner.

The campsite here is a well kept field with a few small young trees dotted around and a small toilet/shower block. A French couple in a tent and an English couple in a caravan were my only neighours. Camp is at Trudeau, costs E5.90 a night, and is a municipal site.

Had a short "remote date" with Zara tonight. I went to the lake in the forest next to Paimpont town, whilst she looked at photos of it on the internet, text messaging to each other, was nice. She looked at photos and I described how it was. Small birds skimming the water, kids laughing, dogs barking in the distance and the smell of someone BBQing somewhere, but a fisherman in a boat was the only person I could see. I was sat on the East side watching the sun go down, Zarah had pics of the sunset on the net. A peaceful end to the day.
Todays distance 47.43 miles in 3 hours 58 mins (riding time) no pushing (stood up twice) easy riding in rolling hills. Sheltering under trees on dry patches on the road in the showers. Hiding in someones old barn with tumbledown walls and holes in the roof when it got really bad, eating my saucisson next to 3 ancient horsedrawn carts, steel banded wheels, woodworm and all.

French chocolate a major discovery, it's actually chocolate, not that brown grease you get in England.



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