Vila Nova de Milfontes to Aljezur, 23/09/04

Parque de Campismo do Serrao 1 night E7.95
Hilltop, empty
23.09.04 Thursday, Vilanova de Milfontes to Aljezur. 44 miles
44 miles in 3h 47min riding time.
Unremarkable day really.
Bridge over the Rio Mira at Milfontes is a beautiful spot. Small boats fishing in a smooth blue estuary.
N393 towards Odemira has a junk surface, terrible, but picks up joining the N120 south to Sao Teotonio, small hills and good scenery.
Quiet day for traffic, seeing some English vehicle number plates now. Camper vans heading south, the first I’ve seen in any number since France.
Strong headwind now for 2 days, I hope it doesn’t continue, makes it hard going. Only 40 miles and I’m knackered again.
Big, empty campsite just above Aljezur, putting up the tent on a rocky, sandy, dusty surface in a strong wind…hmmmm…interesting. Facilities here all shut down, the shop is closed so I’m finishing off the last of the dried pasta meals tonight, not the best Ha.
30 km or so now until the south coast, if this wind continues there then at least it will be across me rather than against.



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