Bron to Chatellerault, 56.1 miles 16/06/04

Leave at 08.15 am down to Montreiul - A fairytale setting on the bridge. A wide slow river, with islands of trees and fishermen standing on the weirs, overlooked by the church, Chateau,(and castle?) black river, green trees, pale stone buildings, chocolate box image.
Flat and level riding for the first 20/30 miles along good roads, good riding. Main roads here not as busy as England, and the drivers a lot more considerate. They all slow down and move well over, these are good drivers, again, not like home. Bigger roads, better engineering, easier riding.
Roadside mmemorial on road to Loudun. N147. Polished stone with an RAF roundel at the top.
Saint leger de Montbrillas site de la resistance.
Reseau CND
Terrain Homologue: "Roi De Coeur" nuit 26/27 Mars 1942
un avion "LYSANDER" pilote par GUY LOCKHART
Debarque de Londres
"Gilbert Renault" alias "Remy" sont repatis
"Francois Faure" alias "Paco"
"Christian Pineau" alias "Garnier"
en mission pour la liberation de la France.

Would this have survived in perfect condition in a layby in England? On a long empty road in the middle of wheatfields in the middle of nowhere?
Into Loudun. Old city walls run for ever... and my road out? "Route Barree"!!!!! again!
When the French have roadworks in town they do it on a large scale, tiny street, JCB, teleporter, crane, lorries, piles of hardcore all crammed in. Squeezed past this one on half a footpath, just under the arm of a digger that was still working. I asked a guy with a shovel and he just nodded me through, the health and safety police would have had me shot for that in england.
All small villages next, no shops, no supermarkets, do these people live on fresh air?
Stopped to rest in a quiet village centre, sat an a wall. Just lit a cigarette , silent, peaceful, bliss. Then a bus appeared, and dumped 30+ chattering shouting schoolkids right on my lap, the bus door opened right onto the bike. Knackered but moved on.....
Site just North of Chatellerault, classy-expensive but they have washing machines!!
E23.00 1 night
56.11 miles 4 hours 40 mins. Stopped at 13.31, too hot, then fell asleep at the side of a marble pool.



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