Razes to St Yrieix La Perche 50.48 miles

The "music festival" I was told about was a wash out.
French rock cd's, bloody awful, had 1/2 a random lager and called it a night.
They kept up the racket till about 4am though. A lot of pissed off campers this morning!
Good job the guy with the musical car horn left just before everyone got up...
I think the Germans here were ready for a lynching.
10.00 start today.
The D220 threw yet another surprise at me, almost all downhill to Limoges,
More beautiful countryside with no effort from me at all. Found out where the heavy duty log cabins are coming from, about a mile down the road from the site is a company called 'AALAND'. Could see them in various stages of construction, amazing the size of these things!!
Took the signs for the airport from the north of Limoges, dropped me straight onto the D20.
South West of town to Aix sur Vienne, stopped for a smoke and was approached by a scruffy guy with a pit bull. On edge....
Surprising - perfect English and a half hour talk about football, apparently Germany drew 0-0 last week, he was still shocked. Ha.
D20 to St Martin, D17 to Nexon, a beautiful town, all open and wide clean spaces, not the usual narrow streets and parked cars.
Nexon - D15 - D704 to just north of St. Yrieix-la-Perche. A municiple site but the best one yet.
A 30 acre lake, a favourite with local picnickers and fishermen.
A large stone rail bridge on the west side of the lake reflecting in the water finishes it off perfectly. Tomorrow to Lascaux, hopefully, if my stomach will stay quiet long enough.
Glad I only had 1/2 last night, I wonder how long since they cleaned the glasses properly? Bad stomach and can only find squat toilets, a baptism of fire haha.
50.48 miles in 4 hours 48 mins.
20km mainly down hill, then back to the rollercoaster rolling countryside. 22c max all day. Sunshine + clouds.



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