Olhau to Bellavista(Huelva), 01/10/04

6 nights at Camping Olhau = E32.39
01.10.04 Olhau to Bellavista (Huelva) 60 miles
60 miles in 4h 30mins
3820 total miles
Route today, Olhau N125 through Tavina, (Luz de Tavira – a beautiful town) N125 to Vila Real de Santo Antonio, - ferry -, Ayamonte, N431 to Lepe, Carteya, to N492 to Aljaraque, Bellavista.
I had 6 nights at Olhau, absolutely shattered. Slept almost constantly for 2 nights and 2 days when I arrived.
Cycling Portugal has really hit me hard, dangerous roads, packs of dogs, heat, and the atmosphere here. Not just physically tired but psychologically hammered too.
Olhau has a superb campsite, a well stocked supermarket, internet access, plenty of well kept pitches (I’m camping on grass!!!), its an absolute godsend.
Lots of rest and I’m straightened out again and ready for Spain.
The last few miles of Portugal were on good roads through orange and lemon groves, with golf courses lining the sides of the road.
Caught the ferry across the river border, E1.70 for both me and the bike and a 15 minute trip took me back into Spain.
Landed in Ayamonte and took the tiny cobbled streets to the top of the town, away from the river. Too narrow for cars to pass me so I had quite a tailback when I reached the top, no aggression from them though, they just patiently followed me. Back down the hill on tarmac to the N431 and already I can tell Im back in Spain. A huge road, a wide clean hard shoulder, no speeding drivers and no sign of any dogs yet.
Couldn’t find the campsite at Lepe so kept going through to Bellavista, “Camping Las Vegas”. Well, its not a good view and its definitely not Vegas. Not using the showers here tonight, a choice between stink and the plague. Zarah voted for stink, so watch out Sevilla tomorrow!
2 German lads just arrived here from Alicante. Traded useful info for later on on our routes as they are doing the same trip as me but the other way around. Nobody else here.
This was the only time on the trip that I didn’t pay for the nights camping. The owner was too lazy to ask us for details and ID, too lazy to look after his site, and too lazy to get up in the morning to collect his cash. At 9am we all knocked, all shouted, and all left without paying.



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