Esmoriz to Mira, 12/09/04. 80 miles

Parque de Campismo de Esmoriz E14.40
Mira site = Camping Vila Caia E6.30 1 night

Esmoriz to Mira 12.09.04 80 miles
A perfect day.
Could not have been better. I got directions from the campsite reception to the N109 and followed it to just before Esterreja to the N124 east to N1 / IC2 south to Mealhada, then N234 west through Cantanhede to Mira, 80 miles.
Left camp at 08.00 and arrived here 20.00 (ish).
Plenty of stops, 6h 29 min riding time.
Total miles now 3241.
Today it felt like someone had flicked a switch and all the junk had just vanished.
Perfect roads, perfect signposting, sunshine all day and beautiful scenery.
The IC 2 gets 10/10 for everything and today ranks among one of the best days of the trip.
From small villages to big towns, woodlands to fields, empty long straight roads to twisting through small hills.
A superb bridge over the River Agueda (IC 2) topped it all, with villages below me and a view for miles from both sides.
Now I’m getting to see Portugal, not the inner cities that are the same all over, or the motorways and traffic that can be found anywhere, today was fantastic – recommended route – do this again sometime.
Cyclists everywhere today. Saw a few tourers around Ovar. One guy with a trailer, but he was all flash with everything expensive new and shiny, cycling clothes – new helmet – wraparound shades ( HA!) Travelling the other way, going north, he lifted his hand but didn’t turn his head.
It seems everyone has a bike here and today was cycling day!
Lots of car dealerships and ceramics shops today too, everything from vintage Simcas to brand new 4x4, all polished up at the sides of the road. Ceramics mainly roof tiles, building blocks, concrete panels…. Anything for the house, there’s a lot of building going on around here.
Huge restaurants with packed carparks this afternoon, does everyone go out for “Sunday lunch” here? Traffic stopped and queuing in places to let the pedestrians across to the restaurants (near Mealhada).
Phone is playing up again, I bought an emergency charger over the internet, it allows me to plug in a standard 9v battery and charge the phone, but somewhere between the battery and the phone there is a loose connection. I haven’t looked specifically for a new one but haven’t seen any on sale here.
Not good, I don’t want to loose touch with people, especially Zarah.



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