St Bertrand de Comminges to Bagnere de Bigorre 13/08/04

Woke up to church bells today, ringing for about 1/4 of an hour, 0655 to 0710, high and low pitched, single and double bells, superb way to wake up and a very good start to the day!
Slow pack up, shower, coffee etc, back still painful from yesterday. Left at 0930 back towards the roman ruins, BIG SITE here on both sides of the road, saw the fountains that Zarah was talking about, 13C, she was looking on the net at photos of this place whilst I was wandering about here, text messaging to her.
Away down the road feeling 100 percent better today. That hot day took more out of me than I realised, then a night with no sleep. Is difficult though, I dont have a base to return to, somewhere to go when its too hot. I'm Stuck with it, maybe next time I'll find a quiet spot and SIESTA, ha.
Have never known anything like that before, I could literally smell death all around me, everything smelled of rotting carcasses, me, my clothes, even the air around me. I threw my sandals away, the stink of them made me ill, they were ok the day before.
Route today, St Bertrands to N125 to Montrejeau to D938 St Laurent de Neste, road to La Barthe closed, detour through Aneres took me past a tiny stream next to a large boulder, stonehenge size, with a statue of Mary on top,

Now I know I'm on the right route. Been on the D938 before so pretty much know what to expect, took some photos, good scenery here. Wasnt expecting the lady cyclist on the hill to Cieutat, she came flying down the hill,(its about 3km long, steep hill all the way),passed me, perfect form all tucked in. Must have been travelling at around 50mph, 15 mins later and shes passing me again, this time going up, a little giggle as she overtook me (on a featherlight bike, no luggage, ahem!) then shes down again, FAST, just the sound of the wind and the skinny tyres rumbling, then again, near the top she passed me again, another giggle and a sprint to the top, she beat me.
Ashamed, 2100 miles practice and beaten by a girl, her and her bike combined probably weighed less than a pack of cigarettes, very fit, very pretty, very embarrassing!
Took some more pix at the top of the hill, wanted to do this last time, nobody could find this place in the search engines.

Chapelle de Notre Dame de Roume, perfect spot.
I couldnt take a picture of the building directly, strong sun and a cheap disposable camera, so took 2, one of the view from each side, whilst standing in the shadow.
If there's anything to reincarnation then I would like to come back as one of the lizards that live in the low walls around this place, sunbathe in solitude and splendid isolation.
Camping at Bagneres again, same site booked in for 2 nights, tent full of food and a day off tomw, red wine at E1.25 a bottle, have made it to Lourdes again, Spain on sunday eve?

List of photos on disposable camera,still need to post it home
1>2 tent at audinac, just starting the film off
3>4 bike loaded, new kit
5 church at St Lizier from the palace de eueges
6 approach to St Bertrand, from 15km away, from NE
7 st bertrand
8 st bertrand front door
9 st bertrand from campsite
10 statue on rock, anares, near bridge over river, just off D938
11 looking back to where i have just been, bike facingwrong way, edge of canal du neste, D938 after barthe
12 leaving capvern, looking towards lourdes, bagneres
13 le chateau de gaston phoebus, taken just right of photo 12, same rd 200 yds further on
14 chapelle de notre dame de roume left side
15 above right side, sun too bright and cheap camera, cant take of church
16 not sure if this will come out, will have one of these next trip, 3 wheeled hand cranked bike, bagneres
17 unloaded at bagneres campsite



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