Mira to Figueira da Foz 13/09/04

Parque de Campismo da Figueira Da Foz

13.09.04 Monday? Mira to Figuera de Foz
Complete lack of motivation today.
Took the N109 south, bad road for about 6/7 miles, then it picks up, better surface.
25miles to Figuera de Foz.
A long (and for the most part) straight road.
Woodland exceptional. Mimosa, Birch, Beech, Eucalyptus, Pine and a lot more I don’t recognise, very good to ride here.
The lorries are back with a vengeance, they don’t give much. Move out an inch or two but that’s your lot.
Red lights on this road don’t seem to count for anything, people just drive straight through them. I think they just cycle on timers without sensors and the side roads are so quiet that people just drive straight on. Surprising at first, stood at a red light and a lorry flies past.
Not seen Mira, not done much.
Left this am at 11.00 and arrived Figuera at 14.00
This town is on a hill with an excellent view from the top of the approach.
No strength in my legs and no will to move on.
An Intermarche day, less than a mile from the campsite…..perfect.
Z cheered me up, TXT 78, I felt better for that.
Lots of space at the back here, top site, wouldn’t have guessed it from the looks of the caravan village just through the gate.



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