Rablay Sur Layon to Bron, 66.3 miles

More scrambled than usual today, I didn't write anything last night, am writing this on the 16th June.
Went back to the Loire, I like this river!
Arrived at St Mathuin sur Loire at about 11am. Text message to Zarah, nice. Credit on the phone, thank you home!
Followed the river through to Parnay.
If anyone is reading this you MUST DO THIS RIDE! ...even if you drive all the way to St Mathuin and drive home after Parnay.
A flat and level route follows the river for 95% of the way.
Absolutely Beautiful.
A French cyclist rode alongside me most of the way, older guy, in his 60's, silver teeth. Just about managed to communicate. Ha! Offering advice about setting up my bike, crossing the Pyrenees, taking the piss pleasantly.
"You are crossing the Pyrenees on THAT!"
"Ha Ha"
"Will take you 4 hours just to climb one col"
This guy has picked a marvelous place to ride, was going back as I stopped to turn south from the river. I stopped at a bar-tabac in St Maur for a beer, E2.60 for 1/2 a lager...... my first and last here! no more!

Got lost in Saumur, crossed the river (again) just so I could tell exactly where I was on the map. Very busy here, tiny roads, new traffic in an old town, they don't seem to have many by-passes here, and the streets are so narrow that complicated 1 way systems are the norm.
Cafes full of poseurs, all dressed up and sat watching each other, they show an interest in me and the bike/trailer, and are enthusiastic towards me, but are not happy about me sitting with them. Maybe because I'm scruffy and sweaty, but maybe because my tan is better than theirs!
Lost again on the back roads beyween Breze and Saumoussay, no sign posts here, I found a level crossing near a crossroads and worked it out from the roadmap, confusing when you're knackered and far too hot.
Campsite is HUGE, has a small pool but not flashy at all, just breeze blocks and timber walls around it, but an OASIS for me. The owner here has a broad Yorkshire accent, heard him pretending to be French to 2 South Africans, highly amusing, kept lapsing into Huddersfield.
Nice to hear it though.
He's OK, good for a chat, gave him no airs and graces (unlike most of the english here), one pompous tosser saw me with my phone and declared to all and sundry in a loud and plummy voice "A telephone?? He's no more than 2 days from the train!" That almost got him a 9v battery wedged in his nose, hell I'm tired.
Was packed, ready and waiting to leave for the bakers delivery at 08.00, le patron couldn't believe it. "You're going to ride all day on a croissant"??
Site between Bron and Montrieul de Bellay.
E7.00 Croissant E1.00



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