Lezignan Corbieres to Fanjeaux, 10/08/04

Left the campsite at 1200, was a rock concert very close by last night, ended at 0330. Lots of noise and cheering and shouting, cover versions of english and american songs, ended with California Dreaming, appropriate, was a favourite for Jean Pierre to whistle at Reynes.
Woke up to the sound of the dustbin men at about 6am, Stink!! Rotting rubbish in 30+centigrade for a week, the cart was dripping liquor in a constant dribble, not a job I would consider here.
Route today, N113 to Carcassonne, have got used to french towns now so not a problem to ride straight through the middle of this one. Nice town, very quiet, got here towards the end of the siesta. Found the D119 past the airport to Montreal, saw a couple of cycle tourists loaded up same as me, put on a sprint to catch them up and caught them just as they turned off my route, ha, maybe next time. Got to Montreal and the sign at the side of the road has a spelling mistake! no t , welcome to Monreal, a moments panic, have I just slogged up that hill to the wrong town.....I've done it before, easy to do here.....
Am heading back south west into the mountains again, so was mostly uphill today. The towns here are built on the tops of the hills, not so much around bridges. Usually around 13c churches maybe 13c was a good year for pilgrimages, ha.
Still on D119 to Fanjeaux, on a hill, the highest one today, what a view!! Back to where I have been today, down into the valley. Found a tiny site, 6 places and a converted barn, run by an expat english couple, Kevin and Sally Hughes. Nice people, sat talking until dark, bats flying around the table.
Site is up the small hill leaving town, about 1km on the right.



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