Siurac en Perigord to Soturac, 36.9 miles 24/06/04

Siurac en Perigord - D710 to Mazeyrolles D660 to D710 again to Fumel, site just out of town in Soturac near Condat.
Lots of industry today.
3 timber yards, 1 sawmill, 2 or 3 large quarries, lots of pollution, roads varying between superb and bloody awful!
Only 3 hr. 01 mins riding time to Fumel 36.91 miles today.
Another hot day, feeling better for it! 1,275 miles showing on the clock now. Did 251 miles training in Lincolnshire so am over the thousand for this trip :):).
One hill, slight gratdient but it went on for miles and miles, didn't stop! (small victory) Nice site, very quiet, organic farmers in their 80's had the campsite 20+ years. Come here again on the way back? Decided on change of route today, going south, then across the Pyrennean foothills to the Med! Short diary, early start tomorrow - sleeeep.



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