Chatellerault to Le Pont Chretien Chabenet

French cyclists - hmmm
If they are riding something expensive, are wearing all the flash gear, and are under 40, they are snobbery defined!
Speak ... or even acknowledge you? forget it! not even a nod much less a "bonjour". Old ladies on bikes with baskets of bread - true.
Old guys riding with their knees sticking out and a cigarette on - true.
Stripy T shirts - true.
Ancient bikes EVERYWHERE - true.
Onions and berets - false (so far)

Tiny castle poking out of some trees on the D950 out of Tournon St Martin, I should get a camera.
Looking over a wheat field, at the greenest of trees, under a cloudless sky with this little castle in the middle of it all.

Another "route barree" D725 puts me onto the backroads again. Lost again, this time in St Sauveur, found myself riding down the steepest of hills - on a road 5 feet wide inbetween ancient buildings and aiming straight at the church in the village centre....terrifying, road surface terrible, all the weight on the brakes for too long! Scary moments.
Did my first motorway driving this morning! :D
Crossing the river in Chatellerault was the fastest way out of town, no problems, only for 1/2 mile. Not much choice about it!

Followed the Creuse river for the day Le Blanc , St Gaultier, terrible road! This one is busy. Bad surface for the bike, the chippings used to surface the tarmac are huge and have cost me a gear, slowing me down a lot. Stopped at the campsite at Le Pont Chretien Chabenet, 2 nights. Is a small river now which runs along the edge of the site. There's a german guy fishing in the sunshine.
Municiple E10 = 2 nights..



Blogger frankie said...

Well, you've clycled very close to my village... Tell Zarah that next time you 2 will have to detour over the Creuse from St Gaultier to Luzeret and then St Civran. And there you'll be sure to find accommodation and a friend!

6:46 PM  
Blogger frankie said...

PS: By the way Le Pont Chretien (with 'n' at the end) means 'the christian bridge'... don't ask me why!

6:48 PM  

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