Trailer Arrives and Training..

Less than two days ago I bought a bicycle trailer over the phone, mail order.
Today it arrived complete with two free gifts, now thats what I call service.
Thank you to:
C H White & Son
51 High Street

Its a Wilderbeast
From Koolstop

After having read all the reviews and comments I could find on the net I chose this one, and I am very happy with it indeed.
Construction is solid and all the welding is good. It has a very good finish and it fits the bike (Giant - Boulder) perfectly. It comes complete with a fitted haul sack which looks showerproof, time will tell. One of the free gifts was a set of pannier racks which have fitted very well to the tongue frame, the other a compact high pressure pump.

Overall....very impressed with both the merchandise and the service, trial run tonight.

Test Complete
The bike feels quite different, pulling away is not too bad, but cornering.....? Hmmm
I will have to be nice and steady all the way round.
Planning is required to avoid small quick adjustments to the steering as the trailer makes the rear of the bike move a fraction of a second out of time with the front.
I dont think its the trailer design, Its just that I'm not used to towing a trailer.
Ran it with a 30lb load today and am happy to train with that for now, will be up to a full load in a week.

Sunny sunday afternoon and finally getting the hang of the trailer. It felt a little unstable on the first short runs, but once I got used to it, it was predictable enough. If I keep it straight and make no sudden moves, I can't even tell its there, till I get to a hill, Ha.
No longer worrying.

First decent run.
51 miles, in 3.5 hours at 27'c.
22 miles with 32lb + trailer.

Is a fair start, good enough for me.

Good Day
Did my first full run today.
Left at 09.00, back at 19.40.
Riding time 5h 49m, distance 80.73miles.
Split the ride and changed load weights, 23 miles with 44lb+ load on the trailer.
Level ground, 50% against a fair headwind.
Now I know I can do it if I need to.
Happy now.....

Full Load
Well its the end of the week and I'm up to a full load now, strangely the bike feels more stable the more weight there is on the trailer.
The whole set-up is a complete pain to manouver while off the bike and parking is a delicate balancing act, but I will be spending far more time riding it than walking with it, and once I'm on the bike and moving I hardly even know its there.
83.07 miles,
5hrs and 51 mins riding time today,
36mls with a 60lb+ load on the trailer.
Had a few 40 to 50 mile rides in the week, with only 1 day off.
No worries.
Only had one problem so far, some maniacs in a vauxhall cavalier overtaking me on the left hand side, half on the grass verge and half on the road, bouncing and swerving all over. They came close enough for me to have touched the car. Couple of kids driving.

Got home to find a friend had fallen off her bike. Turned right and didnt notice the motorbike alongside her, no serious injuries, but not what I need to hear!! I hope you feel better soon Zarah.
Apparently whilst mountain-biking George Dubbya also had a spill today and managed to sustain cuts and grazes to his face despite the helmet and mouthguard.
Maybe not quite enough safety gear there eh George? Haha
He didnt let the secret service drive him home though, he finished the ride.
I'm not a big fan George, but,



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