Bagnere de Bigorre 14/08/04 Saturday

Day off, late up, eat, buy a camera, sleep, sunbathe, write, sleep, sleep, sleep.
A little apprehensive about tomorrow, am going back to Lourdes.
I didnt write everything about my last visit, just the basics, the essentials.
Was a very strange experience, in all sorts of ways.
So I'm sitting in my tent whilst the french play badminton all around me, talking to Zarah by txt, worrying about going back to scarytown whilst the Pope is there.
I didnt know about his visit in advance and had planned to travel through on sunday anyhow, but I've just recieved a txt from home saying that the Pope arrived today, will be talking and doing a tour of the town tomorrow. Puts a whole new slant on things, lets see what happens?



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